I am Rohit Mehta, currently a senior at Maria Carrillo High School. I moved to the US 6 years ago after spending the first 9 years of my life in Singapore and the next 2 years in India. I have also lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok for a few months.

Immediately upon moving here, I realized just how little my peers knew about the world around us. Almost no one I spoke to knew where or what Singapore was. Very few of my classmates had even traveled out of US. However, much more than just geographical understanding, people did not know of the cultures that existed outside of the US. In hopes of educating elementary school students on the world around us, I embarked on a mission to provide VR learning to elementary school students around me.

I plan to begin with providing Cardboard Learning to Austin Creek Elementary School since Principal Jenny Lynch, who was my sixth-grade teacher, has been extremely supportive and encouraging of my endeavors. However, I hope to expand to other schools in the community in the near future.

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